Thursday, January 14, 2010

2. Applying PLN — A Continuing Question for Me

Applying PLN — A Continuing Question for Me

This article is gold! It speaks to the heart of the problem. What is the definition of a teacher? As long as we stick to the old transmissive model, there is no place for Web 2.0. I hear again and again, "I have no time", "it's an add on". Well, yes, that is true IF thinking about our profession remains the same. The old confines are not flexible. The fluidity is not there. I love this quote, "we will not be able to just workshop teachers into the 21st century."
This has been a shift in our district as well, taking on lead teachers, building leadership capacity within the schools. I often wonder if high stakes testing is a crutch response. No one seems to care about them unless they are asked to change their teaching and try something new. Is it just me?

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