Thursday, January 14, 2010

1. Introduction - The Lit Maven's First Three Hour Tour

As the great Gloria Estephan sang, “ Coming out of the dark…and into to the light”. These last few weeks have been the start of a wide-opening journey into the possibilities of what educators and students can use in the new “global” classroom.
The beginning was the full of new acronyms and new wonders. Who knew that PLN meant personal learning network…I thought this was an acronym for Please Leave Note…HAHAHA! But definitely, as I have expressed on the discussion board, I was thrilled to be back on track and wondering where I have been since 2000? Where could I have been if I had known about the Web 2.0 tools earlier?
I am in my current position, as a Language Arts Consultant, grades one to nine, following a 2007 mid-mid-life crisis at the age of 32. (I would suggest I coined this term. In my new job I feel the responsibility to make up new words.) So in June of 2007 I pondered, staying in my current role as a grade two teacher, moving into the role of site-literacy coordinator or having a third child. Coincidentally, the consultant job came up and I was pleased to be accepted. Three years of grueling efforts has provided the outlook necessary to understand the challenges and celebrations occurring in our classrooms.
A static thinker, I am not! I tend to believe public library borrowing limits are in place for people like me. Always in the pursuit of knowledge, the bookstore becomes a dangerous place. This course is providing the next step in my personal and professional evolution. I have a recurring nightmare of being late. I am never late. But this week has reinforced the belief that maybe I was late in some area, Web 2.0 tools. The journey has proved to be like a treasure hunt, uncovering new possibilities with every click.
The scope of my job is changing; there are more teachers to support. I am discovering that they continue to seek out learning opportunities but the professional development options are changing. Information delivery cannot be limited to e-mails and in person visits. Instead, technology might facilitate an improvement in the way I support student learning through supporting their teachers. It is my hope that I can explore through this course: How might emerging ICTs enable more interesting and potent learning experiences beyond the confines of traditional schooling, teaching and consulting? (as inspired by a similar question posted on 2¢Worth by David Warlick ”Questions about the Next Decade”)
I have chosen the name The Lit Maven for my blog. Lit refers to literacy and maven is defined by dictionary online as “one who is experienced or knowledgeable.” Although the tech tools are new, it is my hope that I will see many connections to the area that I know well. I look forward to new learning experiences and working collaboration with my classmates. No longer am I going to party like it’s 1999!
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  1. Thanks, Brandi. Must be my mid-midlife crisis that made me go back to school too! I like it! I think your role as a literacy consultant will really give you lots to think about in terms of Web 2.0 and technology. I look forward to following your journey as you party like it's 2010 and start to explore these excellent new tools!


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