Sunday, January 17, 2010

3. Photosharing... I had no idea

I am sure in a flickr of an eye this week will be over. Photosharing is on the agenda. Here are some of my initial thoughts. First, I never considered that people would share each others photos. I guess to me it was akin to raiding a photo album…”Can I have one of the head table?” I had naively assumed that photo sites were for uploading photos to send for printing or to use for your own needs, I guess a Web 1.0 application. However, having someone or many people comment on your photo and perhaps even ask for permission to use it, has broadened my thinking. My husband has used these sites for awhile. As an artist images are very important to what he does. My thinking is starting to shift to the applications for education. I am reminded of the graphic novels and the evolution in picture books, the latter are no longer linear representations of text and images. Perhaps this week will hold treasures that can link to what I already know but also lead to exciting new ways of thinking.

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