Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's that BUZZ? Tell me what's a happen'in!

SO Google BUZZ is up and running. Of course this means Canada's privacy police are on the case. Normally I gloss or even glaze over references to privacy. But in an Edmonton Journal article today, the new BUZZ is receiving some bad buzz. (See the previous post). Apparently, users can follow people on BUZZ without their permission. This includes access to pictures, images and personal comments. In one case, an abusive boyfriend starting following his ex-girlfriend. This is an issue. A serious issue. Social networking, has it reached uncomfortable limits? But on the other hand do privacy settings inhibit the functionality of these new tools? I can remember in the old days we had to ride by a "crushes" house and hope they were on the front lawn. But now our youth is privy to a lot more. Is it too much? When is it too much? Have social rules changed?

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