5 Ways to Put Language Arts on Stage

Sorry I have been away a couple of days...

I had the opportunity to help out at our Districts' Celebration of the Arts (Music, Drams, Art). Amazing does not even touch the surface of the talent in our district. It got me to thinking...how do we celebrate language arts...do we do this enough?

5 Ways to Put Language Arts on Stage

1. Have students create a reader's theatre and perform it in front of other classrooms.

2. Students can write the school plays for the yearly concerts.

3. Many schools in our district have a morning broadcast. Have students create persuasive ads or commercials celebrating upcoming events.

4. Have a section of the school newsletter where students have a place to add their voices.

5. Think outside the "book". Stretch yourself as an educator. There are many forms of writing, presenting and speaking.

Here are some ideas to start with...maybe you have some others to share.

Lit Maven Out!


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