Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mean Girls Meets Mother's Day Tea

Yesterday I was blessed to be honored at my son's Mother's Day Tea...it was lovely...but something still bugs me...one of the moms!

Wit a movie with Emma Thompson, is about a doctor with cancer. She experiences first hand what it is like to be a patient.

As an educator for 10 plus years, I am now experiencing life on the otherside of the classroom door ...as a parent.

SO what was the problem Lit Maven?

Well, at first it was lovely..the tableclothes, the goodies...All Good!

Then finding your nametag on a table...All Good!

Another parent coming in behind...finding her nametage on another table and announcing..."I got the good table!"...Not Good!

Really!!! Thought the Lit Maven..."good" as in your other cronies are with you! (Okay that was dramatic)

She proceeded to chat with the moms at an adjoining table, while the rest of us sat quietly waiting for our children to come in and sing.

SO when did junior high end for these people?

No..The Lit Maven...is not at school everyday to hang out...but is she still fun to be with!

I can make a "good" table.

I thought the feeling of working versus stay at home mom was over...guess not!

SO what did this teach the Lit Maven...what did I learn?

If I had a do-over?

Well you can't go back, but I would have introduced myself and chatted with the other quiet moms..I would have led by example...

Have a great day!
Lit Maven Out

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