Monday, June 14, 2010

The Calvary Ain't Coming!

I am currently reading Chris Gardner's book Start Where You Are

Right into the first section of the book he announces :

"The calvary ain't coming!" translation...wishes are just wishes.

I think that is a mistake we all make. Those goals you have must have some action behind them.

Even those crazy movies of the 80's had goals. Let's take Footloose. Ren could have just gone through the motions, finished high school and moved on...
But no...
Not Ren...he wanted to DANCE.
He stood up to the Reverand in a Town Hall meeting. ACTION
He was shot down but because he made his feelings known, the lovely man at the mill where he worked...slighlty out of town limits said, "Have the dance Here!" ACTION

So Ren and his girlfriend, who was never in any movies after, that decided to round up the resources and hold the best dance EVER!!!! ACTION

After a necessary father and daughter talk and an obligatory "punch out" the old boyfriend scene...

They had the best dance ever. GOAL
...cue the annnoying South African Horns.

So what are your goals....are you waiting for the calvary? Cause they ain't coming!!!!

Until Next time,
Lit Maven Out!

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