Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Learning From Simon Cowell...I know...CRAZY!!!

I hesitantly sat down to watch Simon Cowell on Oprah last month.
I admit I was intrigued about what he had to say.
Unlike most North Americans, I prefer Simon to Paula.
Paula was out there just to make friends, "you made it your own."
Simon was filter off, "you are not talented."
We need honest feedback.
I need honest feedback.
Who pushes you the most, subjective friends or objective aquaintances?

Another thing that struck me in the interview was Simon's reason for leaving,"I grew as much as I could in that job."

SO true...making changes in your career, does not mean you don't like your friends or the setting.
Perhaps the environment has given everything it ever will.
Perhaps you have taken everything from that environment that you can.

Be true to yourself.
If you want to know how you are doing, seek out those that don't have a stake in your relationship.
If you feel your growth is stunted...find a new place to set down roots.

Some thoughts to ponder.


Until Next time,
Lit Maven out!

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