Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Accidental Genius...Not Just Yet!

I am back. Yes the Lit Maven has returned from a self imposed exhile. My last entry was in June. June is a natural end for educators. Fall is the new beginning. I forgot to begin again on the Blog. I apologize.

SO what have I been up too?

Quick Update
In July I went to UDL institute in Harvard. Incredible information about new posibilities for learning and curriculum.

Also in July, I discovered a new blog Thoughtwrestling (blogger Mark Dykeman). This was the needed impetus for my new foray into ideas/creativity and how to finally get started on the path to self fulfillment.

Late August I began to sign up for Motivational Moments. Rock Thomas is the life coach behind these messages. This has led to a 10 week Secrets of Success course. I am not done but WOW have I made some shifts in thinking.

Recently I reread Accidental Genius by Mark Levy. With new eyes, I rediscovered the power of free writing. I am now on my way to finally getting where I wanted to be with my ideas and aspirations.

Please stay tuned for more info on my PLN-ing adventures.

Lit Maven

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