Thursday, January 20, 2011

Warning: Watch Out for Fountains While Texting

This security footage of a woman falling in a fountain while texting is hilarious!!! Digital Illiteracy perhaps....

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

21st Century Learning...I Promise This Will be Interesting

A great book came past my desk this week.

Breaking Free From Myths About Teaching and Learning by Allison Zmuda.

The Three things that have caught my attention so far:

1. A focus on "What is learning is Naturally like?" (How can schools evolve to meet this idea?)

2. Parent Involvement. They shouldn't be asking "Is my child doing well at school?" But rather, "Is school doing well by my child?" (p.46)

3. A plethora of reflections questions like, "What if in our efforts to move faster we get further behind?"

Check it out! Very timely....

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Be a Net For Someone!

Just a global shout out to the people who are nets for others. When I have leaped, there is always someone there to support me. Not always who I expect, but nonetheless there.

Your Homework

1. Take a step back today and truly observe.

2. Make a list of all those things that people do to support you.

3. Notice who they are.


4. Today is your chance to be a net for someone. Keep the trend going!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hero: Just For One Day...Grade 2 Style

Today I was working with a small group of second graders in the computer lab. Working with primary students never ceases to amaze me...those kids are sponges.

One child was using clip art images and just could not find the right cat. He wanted Garfield. He was determined to find Garfield. I decided to show him how to find and save pictures from the web.

You would think Christmas came early! This little boy began importing pictures with fervor!

The teacher said, "That is the most focused I have seem him all day." She also added, "He has a lot of trouble reading and writing but just look how good his is with importing those pictures."

This kid became the hero for the class today. The one who held the currency on importing pictures. You could see his pride, excitement and diligence at this new skill that came so easily.

That is one of a list of reasons to have technology in the classroom, cause you never know how much that can mean to a kid...

to be the "one"..

the one everyone looks up to...

if only...

just for one day.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Vibrations! Mark Zuckerberg vs. Marky Mark

Today is the Golden Globes! I am one who watches as many movies as I can to fully participate in the festivities.

Psssst....Guess What???

Social Media is invading Hollywood.
First there was blogging, Julie and Julia
Now there is Facebook, The Social Network

I can only imagine what is next....Twitter????

That would be a short script...LOL Lit Maven!

I think though, this is indicating a trend that our social activities are becoming archived for future generations. There is a sense of legitmacy to what we have become to know as essential learning tools.

As I watch tonight...I will secretly be cheering for The Social Network to bring home the globes. We live in the digital world, tonight is just the beginning!

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Go For Goal! Make sure that your students are not backed into a post.

"A-Boot" a year ago the world was preparing for the 2010 Winter Olympics. "GO for Gold" was the mantra up here in Canada.

In the classroom, it is Go for Goal!

What truly is the Goal of your lessons? Do you know it? Do your students?

I was in a classroom this week. I was supporting a teacher and his students with Fractured Fairy Tale writing.

As they began their rough copy, the teacher said,"Remember, only handwriting after Christmas."

Yikes! First draft perfection! Say it ain't so!

Of course, we all know when writing our first draft we just need to get the ideas out. Revision, editing and dare we say perfection, comes later.

As expected the stories got off to a painfully slow start.
"How do you make a G?" said one child mournfully.

Then there was the student who had barely anything written down.
I asked, "Are you not sure what to write?"

He said," I know what to write, I just can't handwrite."

Well that just isn't good is it?

Lessons For All Teachers

Look at you goal (standard, outcome).

Is it clear what you want the students to do?

If it is to create a story...
Could they type it? YES
Could they print it? YES
Could they use presentation software? YES
Could they use storyjumper? YES
Could they use a plume and ink? I guess....

So...please find a place for all your students. If handwriting is the goal? Then have them copy a poem in their best handwriting...BUT...if it is storywriting...please ....please let them any means necessary.

SO how to you make that G...I still don't know...that's why I print!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

My Cup of Joe...Caffeine for the Creative Mind

This is a great book with many possibilities. Although labled a designer book, it offers inspiration for all creatives.

Not meant to be read in a linear fashion, it would be a great book to read in any spot.

I saw links specifically to Writing and Technology for students and grown ups.

Check it out! It will be your favorite cup of Joe.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Kids Meet Giant Chalkboard...5 Uses For Giant Chalkboard Walls in the Classroom

My husband had a new office redesign.

A giant chalkboard wall was created to brainstorm and list projects. What a great idea for the classroom?

As we move from white boards to interactive whiteboards we can't deny the allure of chalk.

SO what can you do with a Chalkboard Wall?

1. Brainstorm

2. Mind mapping

3. Make Lists

4. Create Characters

5. Share words, phrases and quotes...

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Lit Maven Out!

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