Monday, January 17, 2011

Hero: Just For One Day...Grade 2 Style

Today I was working with a small group of second graders in the computer lab. Working with primary students never ceases to amaze me...those kids are sponges.

One child was using clip art images and just could not find the right cat. He wanted Garfield. He was determined to find Garfield. I decided to show him how to find and save pictures from the web.

You would think Christmas came early! This little boy began importing pictures with fervor!

The teacher said, "That is the most focused I have seem him all day." She also added, "He has a lot of trouble reading and writing but just look how good his is with importing those pictures."

This kid became the hero for the class today. The one who held the currency on importing pictures. You could see his pride, excitement and diligence at this new skill that came so easily.

That is one of a list of reasons to have technology in the classroom, cause you never know how much that can mean to a kid...

to be the "one"..

the one everyone looks up to...

if only...

just for one day.

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

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