Friday, February 18, 2011

5 Reasons to Listen to Audiobooks in the Car

Stallone likes to make the best use of his time while traveling.
I spend more time in my vehicle than I care to admit.

Recently I began to listen to audio books.

At first it was to ease my sanity but now I can say that there are some benefits.

SO...Here are 5 Reasons to Listen to Audio books in the Car

1. Talking to myself is now legitimate.

Sure the other commuters think I am crazy but I know I am having a conversation. And whatever I ever I reality!

2. You never get interrupted or lose the flow of conversation.

Turn on the engine and the conversation starts back up again. Rewind if you forget. Heck you can even abandon and try a new book mid-drive...can't do that with a friend.
Well I suppose if you slow down and let your friend out at soft grassy could...but too many times and you are driving alone.

3. You are much more interesting at work.
"How do you find time to read all this stuff?"
They don't need to know the truth.

4. The supply is endless.
With podcasts, there is no end to the learning or entertainment. Yes you can be educational...but perhaps your afternoon drive would improve with a steamy novel or a comedic rant!

5. What else are you doing?

Until Next Time,

Lit Maven Out!

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