Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breakdown the Gates...Going GAGA Over Videosharing

Still the debate goes on...video sharing in the classroom YAY or NAY...

As the grownups debate, the youngsters out there are kicking video sharing into high gear.

Remember the struggles that Joey Jeremiah had in efforts to promote the Zit Remedy!

Epic battles were waged to get bands noticed in the 80's 90's and the 00's.

So Lit Maven...what is your point?


Why are we continuing to think that we as educators are gatekeepers...serving the common good. Those of us who know better and no doubt reading this article understand the power of videosharing, reaching mass audiences, breaking free from ageism and the sharing of talents at young ages.

There is no longer a legal age to get discovered.

There are no locked towers where cassette tapes are dropped off to some old bitty at the counter.

No...there is one click of the publishers button on your laptop and the audience is right there. A judging of peers...

Check out the latest....


Here is 10 Year old Maria Aragon from Winnipeg.

And 10 Year old Heather Russell from Toronto...recently signed by Simon Cowell.

These young ladies went from commuting to school to communting to cities...overnight!

Their talent is obvious. They did not have to rely on the bus routes to travel down to the local radio station to plead their case.

There are no gates on the web...we must remove the gates at school or the kids won't bother trying to get in!!!

As Ronald Reagan would say, "Open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall!"
Okay different context...but you get the idea!

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

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