Friday, August 12, 2011

Building a Textbook From Scratch?...5 Reasons to Try LiveBinder

I have been stumbling across LiveBinders over the last while. The thought of a "Live" binder snapping at me with its rings, was disconcerting...see the above image.

But like all things, I don't understand. I investigated.

LiveBinder seems to be an ideal platform for creating a textbook from scratch.

Thankfully, there are amazing people out there such as Cybraryman, who have collected many LiveBinder tips in one location.

I like that! Thanks Cybraryman.

5 Reasons to Use LiveBinder

1. You can go PAPERLESS! Imagine all your resources in one location. First, there was one ring to rule them there is one binder!

2. There are "Ready-Made" binders.

10 Online Tools to Kickstart the Year

Great for those who prefer to just "dip their toes" when trying out new "web" stuff.

3. Timely Educational Uses

LiveBinder suggests these uses:

School Computer Labs
Class Presentations
Class Assignments
Learning at Home
School Team Sports
Class Projects and Research

4. Easy Access

"Teachers place LiveBinders on desktops so kids don’t have to type addresses or get lost searching on the web. And they don't have to add a bookmark to every computer every time they have a new link to share - they can just update the livebinder.-LiveBinder"

5. It's Free!

Let me know how LiveBinder has worked for you. I plan to make one soon. Perhaps, it will change my life!

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Until Next Time
Lit Maven Out!

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