Monday, September 19, 2011

Creating a LiveBinder?...Carrie Bradshaw Would Say...YES!

As you know I have been LiveBinder-ing for a few weeks. I am now pondering my next steps...

I got to thinking about Carrie Bradshaw, a character from Sex in the City...

Seriously..Lit Maven??

Stay with me...this will all make sense...

She writes a column about relationships. I got to thinking... Never, in any of the episodes do her friends really comment on her column. These are her close friends...her BFF's or what have you...

Don't they care what she does? Does it matter?

When you write or blog, who do you write for?

In my case, I have gotten over the fact that my friends might never read my blog. Even though the content pertains to them. Carrie's friends were always talking about relationships but never used her articles to help themselves.

I realize that I write for others. Others that I might never meet in person, others that seem to enjoy what I write.

So create a LiveBinder!

Your friends may not care...your day-to-day colleagues may not care..but someone else is sure too.

Audiences are no longer just arms-reach or a horse ride away..(or car...just trying to be hysterically, historical)

We create because we have a fire, a need to share.

SO, please create! There is someone out that cares about that part of you.

And Carrie would agree, LiveBinders are much better than post-its!

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

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