Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LiveBinders….Ready to Go? You Bet!

As you know, have been on a LiveBinder-Bender for awhile….

I created four to share on my district portal, which is like a website but only accessible through a login.

The response has been great!
There has been dual interest in the content and the LiveBinder program itself.

But the best part….

My LiveBinders are Ready to Go……

I used them in countless ways with staffs and individuals. The effort that it took to compile them is paying off in the flexible and differentiated nature of the LiveBinders.

The Flexibility of LiveBinders
1. I can go through each tab in order.
2. I can bounce around within in a LiveBinder.
3. I can even bounce between binders.
4. Teachers can watch the screen or follow along on their own devices.
5. When we are set up to a printer, teachers can choose the documents they want to print.
6. Sharing is easy and quick.

So as you can see differentiating between the needs of groups and individuals has been a breeze….

did I mention….

It’s… "Ready to GO…Ready to GO…if You Say So….
Ready to go…."(I could do this all day.)

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

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