Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Happens at EdCamp...stays at EdCamp...

I am going to my first EdCamp this fall.
What's hilarious?...I have no idea what it is?

Never wanting to be left in the dark...I researched...

Of course a Wiki is the first destination: Edcamp

What I Found Out!

1. Apparently, Edcamps are based on Barcamps...right away I was intrigued...

Will I see Carrie and Mr. Big? Not Quite.

2. Edcamp rules are loosely based on the ones in Fight Club!

Will I see Brad Pitt? Probably not.

Check the Edcamp rules here.

3. Sessions are not planned or scheduled until EdCamp morning.

4. Most of the sessions have a technology you should bring technology to participate and even...

get this Hermione...

Attend 2 sessions at once...

5. There are variety of educators, from all levels that co-mingle...not distinct presenters or attendees.

6.It's free!!!!

Am I more than excited...yes!!! How excited?

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out

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