The Lit Maven Wants Her Crayons Back!

Wowzers! As my prof would say, "Fall is kicking me in the butt."

I was on a blogging marathon and then BOOM!... all viruses I am back.

All I needed was a dose of inspiration. For those of you who don't know, I am an artist. Here is one of my "dot-a-llages". (A collage of "punch holed" magazine dots.)

I do this for no other reason than it balances me out. I forgot that I needed this and stopped cold turkey a few weeks back. Then I read this, How to Be Creative by Hugh Macleod.

Hugh writes that we all got crayons in kindergarten. Slowly are creative bugs are replaced with textbooks, jobs, families...But the voice of creativity lingers under the surface. Hugh says:

Your wee voice came back because your soul somehow depends on it.

So I am back listening to my wee voice and reaching out to you...


Here is a sample of Hugh's work. Enjoy!

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

Check out Hugh's and other manifestos at Change This


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