Monday, October 3, 2011

LiveBinders?...George Costanza Would Say Yes!

So I have thinking about LiveBinders and what they mean in my life..

I got to thinking about Junior High...

I had to attend junior high when perms or crimped hair were a must.

Note: This is Spike from my beloved Degrassi Junior High, circa 1987.

Spike and I look much better than we did back then...YAY!

Anyway...I remember every year we had to buy reinforcements.

These ones

Not these ones...

Those reinforcements inevitably broke out of their flimsy cardboard case, spilled in your locker and landed on your "cosby" sweater

...only to be noticed on the way home from school.

Yes! That is why they pointed at you.

Reinforcements...the cheap ones...the ones I got, anyway...

were "self" adhesive...meaning...Saliva Powered!

Here lies the problem...not only is this a gross way to fix binder tears but it is also very dangerous...

This brings me to George. George would have wished that Susan had sent e-vites instead of licking all those stamps.

Use LiveBinder...Don't be a Susan!

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

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