Sunday, February 19, 2012

LiveBinders...Peter Billingsley Says Yes!

Well...I do love to write. My early stories were about whatever I was reading at the that meant...the characters had names from NKOTB or the characters had names from Stand By Me.

Whatever I was watching or listening to...made it into my book.

I am sure teachers are inundated with Bellas, Edwards and Jacobs.

Then there are the boy stories with Bakugans, Pokemans and Transformers. Personally, I will never understand these it just me?

But we all know there are students who feel like this about writing...

Hey Kid! Come back...I found a LiveBinder for you...

Web 2.0 Tools for Reluctant Writers

Lit Maven? Peter Billingsley....Who IS that?

He is this guy....

But started as this guy.

So why Peter?

Well here he is modeling the most un-reluctant writing abilities...

on loose leaf...

or Pre-Web 2.0...enjoy!

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

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