LiveBinders...Jonah Hill Says Yes!

So the other day a co-worker came up to me and said,

"Brandi,(AKA The Lit Maven) I saw a movie preview and thought of you..."

"Oh"...(thinking..which romantic comedy could it be)

Then I asked....."Which one?"

"Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter"

"Why?"....I asked..(Although I was thinking Dear God where did that come from?)

"Not sure....just thought of you."


This was almost like the time in grade 5 when I was told I ran like Van Halen. my wacky way of connecting it brought me to Inquiry.

Perhaps I should investigate this "Abe" connection...or just take it as a compliment.....

Well here is a wonderful LiveBinder by Tracey Woodward...who also just happens to be in my Grad course....

Inquiry-Wonder, Investigate and Share

Its an online grad course because I hunt vampires at night, dressed as Abraham Lincoln, running through the streets like Van Halen....

Lit Maven?....Jonah Hill??

Yes! Well...only my favorite clip from Accepted...Where did that body come from? and more importantly...Who screams like that?

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!


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