Sunday, April 8, 2012

LiveBinders.....Grandpa From the Lost Boys Says Yes!

I must have that face.

This one?

No...the one where strangers feel the need to share their lives with me.

Today I was at the grocery store.

I was reading out loud,

"Jennie tells why Peter Left her" I added. "Poor Jennie"

The cashier overheard. "My parents make me watch the Kardashians"

"Your Parents" I said.

"Yep. They want to spend time with me so they make me watch that and Judge Judy"

I said, "Listen if you were younger I would adopt you."

"Thanks" she said, "My mom says she watches it for the fashions."

"Judge Judy?"

"No the Kardashians"

OH...and then I paid and got the heck out!

If you need to some help in the parenting department, check out this LiveBinder

Anyway, it got me to thinking about crazy movie parents.


Sam's Parents

But my favorite has to Grandpa...

Way before Twilight and Vampire Diaries was the Lost Boys...

And that is where I leave you today with the best closing line ever.

(CONTEXT: All vampires have been destroyed. The kitchen is destroyed. They have been fighting vampires all through the movie while Grandpa carried on with his taxidermy and dating the widow Johnson..seemingly oblivious....)

Cue the clip!

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

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