LiveBinders...NKOTB Says Yes!!!

The Lit Maven has finished her script...on Sunday actually. This was a great experience. I realize that deadlines are a friend that I need.

So I was feeling all Whoo Hoo! I am done...I am done...

Then a good friend said...
"So what's the next step?"

I stopped. I stared....

Then responded..
"I don't know."

Damn...I knew that was way too easy.

So what will I do next. I have no intentions of box office glory. I was intentionally humble. I wanted to complete a writing project.

I guess I need to set some new goals...and the LiveBinder is...

Goal Toolbox

NKOTB...Lit Maven....

Oh fave five..the next..."Step by Step..."

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!


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