LiveBinders...Andrew McCarthy Says Yes!

Dear Blog,

This is how I feel....

"You without's like cornflake without the milk." - Oran "Juice" Jones (4:08 minutes in)

Lit Maven, how do you find these connections?

I don't know... I think, like Gaga...I Was Born This Way...a writer...

But needless to say I know that I am a writer, offline and online but much better in front of my audience. The fact that you tune into my blog must mean that I speak to that inner pop culture heart. Like me, you think in movies and hope that one day this will happen to you...

Patrick and Jennifer Thanks for Making the Closing Number Inspiring!

" that you?"

Jake...I Really Don't Have to Go to My Sister's Wedding Reception

I know could could all happen...

Of course...I can't leave without a link to a LiveBinder: Look Who's Talkng on Twitter, Diigo, LinkedIn.

We all need to find ways to connect our writing to others....

Lit Maven?...Andrew?...

Yes! Blane, he was a writer too!


Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out


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