Tuesday, August 14, 2012

LiveBinders...Foo Fighters Say Yes!

This summer has been all about my health. I have been jogging and trying to get a restful sleep.

The jogging has been going well. While I am not speedy. I do have good form.

Well...yah.... the last guy in the clip is the most accurate reflection of my abilities but I should be able to clear a fence in a month or two.

Speaking of personal and professional  development, I found a LiveBinder called P2LN which is all about creating your own professional development plan.

Foo Fighters...Lit Maven?

Oh...ok...so I have misheard or mis-meaning (made this word up) song lyric issues....

While reflecting on the Foo Fighters...Best of You...I thought...

Yah...we should really giving the best of ourselves to others in relationships at home or at work.  (Note the link to professional development)

Of course...the song...really means that someone is bring you down or getting you offtrack...as in "someone is getting the best of, the best of you".

As the Lit Maven, I choose to prefer the first meaning...it's happier...more healthy...

Anyway, here's the video...you think what you want!


Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

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