Friday, August 24, 2012

LiveBinders...Taylor Lautner Says Yes!

I'm embarrassed...

The running Lit Maven?

Well...yah....I am a silly looking's worse!!

How could it be? Lit Maven?

I confess...

I watched a Taylor Lautner movie......GASP!
                                  ("At least you weren't in one with him" -Ms. Swift)

By choice....EVEN GASPIER!!!
(How rude?! - Michelle T)
In surround sound.... GASP-OP-OLIS!!!

Oh Lit Maven...where is this going?

Well...sometimes you need to watch something REALLY bad to move on and do something REALLY creative...

OR yourself the pain....and check out this LiveBinder on creativity 
Tech Tools to Support Creativity in the Classroom have two choices!

1) Check out my new venture and let me know what you think or how I can make it or as I call it Vanilla Armpits.


2)  Watch Taylor Lautner fall....

Enjoy! Either way!

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

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