Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Stars at Night...Bieber, Pigeons and Fletcher.. a Recap of IRA 2013

Thanks Texas!

The Lit Maven had a great time.

Here are some highlights from the International Reading Association Conference.

1. Session 11-12, April 21, 2013: Not Just the Books They Read, But Lives They Lead: Rethink Close Reading as More Than Just Analyzing Words and See it as a Student's Tool For Leading a More Engaged Life

So...they had us do a  Close reading of  "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber.

Lit Maven....seriously!!!!

True story!  Kate Roberts and Chris Lehman presented a structure for close reading.  To further entrench the strategy...we close read the lyrics to....


Of course I appologized to the Wisconsin teacher next to me ..."I am sorry...for that {Bieber} oh and Celine Dion too."

2. Presenting! 
I presented on Getting to the "Core" Using Mentor Texts and Authentic Experiences Persuasive Writing

Pigeon Books! Yes!

We pigeon-ed like it was no ones business.  If interested...check out my handout! The powerpoint should be posted shortly. The crowd was amazing! Ready and eager to share their writing talents and laugh all at the same time!

My first experience presenting internationally was truly amazing!

3.  Ralph Fletcher!
He presented on Boy Writers.  He left us laughing and rethinking the way we approach boys and all writers in the classroom.  Here are the key ideas he left with us.

How to Engage Boy Writers!
  • widen the circle
  • give them real choice (choice and voice)
  • build on strengths
  • look for humor
  • take the long view (creating life long writers)
  • enjoy their writing!
Here is a link to his teacher beliefs!

So...I do have more to say...but hey the Stars at Night....

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

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