Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Boxing Day! I Celebrate In-Boxing Day with new Google Alerts!


Sounds so extreme...so dangerous...but let's be serious..

Can you be serious, Lit Maven?


But seriously, I love alerts!

Love as in, I can have cool things sent to my inbox without much effort.

Like a little personal shopper Minion combs the internet while you sleep, collecting articles for your enjoyment.

"Oh! The Lit Maven will love this..." it says...


Imagine my high levels of already high impact nerd behavior, I discovered that in addition to Google Alerts sent to my Gmail, I can have Google Scholar Alerts sent to my gmail.

What a an inbox surprise, or make that an In-Boxing Day surprise to find several academic articles in my inbox this morning.

This one I found to be really interesting...on Student Blogging . 

I don't think students blog enough. Did they stop? Did they even start? Google has this tool for a reason. It cannot be replaced by Google Sites, Classroom or Docs. This is perhaps another post, for another day.

To set a Google Scholar Alert, select the three bars or pancake stack, as it is called in my circles, and you will see the option to select "Alerts."  Then select create an alert. It is that easy

Until Next Time,
The Lit Maven

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