Sunday, December 24, 2017

Home is Where the Start Is!

Last week, in the staff room...or as they call it on TV...the Teacher's Lounge..this conversation happened.

Co-worker: Who uses Google Sheets? I can't find a use for it.

Me: I use it at home to organize my library.

Then I paused, how much of my nerdiness should be shared at work?

Now to the point, I am sharing this story with you as it relates to my belief in trying most new things.

When trying something new, try it with content that you already know and love. 

Because when you are learning something new, it takes a lot of focus and energy. If you are working with new content and new tools, it can be overwhelming.

I know my books. I love my books. I have this unhealthy need to purchase many books. Thus the need for a tool to organize my books. 

I looked at Google Sheets and thought, yes, this will help me organize my books. I created a spreadsheet with sections for author (first and last name) - title and genre to describe the book.Here are my genre selections....

Creativity-Entrepreneurship-Fiction Tips-Non Fiction-Productivity-Publishing-Revision-Social Media-Spirituality-Word Play-Writer's Life-Writing Exercises-Oversize.

So using this love of books and combining it with a new tool, Google Sheets, I could focus on the tool because I knew the content and thus I was not overwhelmed by the process.

So the learning here is...before trying these tools at school, try them at home.  

What could YOU do with Google Sheets?

Until Next Time, 

The Lit Maven

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