About the Author

The Fun Version

It’s true, I find most things funny! I spend most of my life filtering at least ten things I could say at any given moment.
I tend to pick the one that will
a) not get me fired or
b) not cause hurt feelings.

So I guess it is safe to say that I am a gentle, harmless comedian. For ten months of the year I am a Language Arts Consultant for a large metro school district. Never boring, I sweep into schools and classrooms delivering my best educational content with a comedic edge. It comes naturally, I make no apologies.

The rest of the time, I read as many nonfiction books as possible pertaining to literacy, marketing, business and social media. I love movies and my daily dose of TMZ.

My goal is for learning to be entertaining and pertinent.

Especially if you work with people or live on planet Earth!

The "Serious" Version

Brandi Clark is an English Language Arts Consultant for grades 1-6. Trained as a teacher since 1996, she has embraced the consultant role for the past 5 years.

Brandi just completed a Master's Degree in Elementary Education with specific courses in Language Arts, Web 2.0, Inquiry and Comtemporary Literacies.

Brandi is well read and has a variety of diverse interests. She is married and has two elementary aged children. Brandi has a passion for pop culture, learning and connecting the two together.

This blog is geared towards anyone interested in learning, regardless of age or background. The intention is to bring focus on how to move ideas forward while applying it to your own context.